“Flirtations with travel, experiments with words.”

LogoBeen There, Blogged That is a personal lifestyle and travel blog.  This site consists of my personal stories (my next adventure is an 800 km walk across Spain!) intertwined with travel tips and inspiration, blogging tips, and features a monthly Traveler Spotlight as an avenue to connect with like-minded travelers.

About Me

My name is Stacey.  I am currently employed full time as a veterinary technician and am also a writer.  I was born in Russia (which was back then the USSR), but grew up on an island at the bottom of the world known as New Zealand.  From a young age I developed a desire to see the world and was fortunate enough experience a fair bit of domestic and overseas travel with my family before embarking on my own adventures.

I started this blog in 2012 when I moved to Canada primarily as a tool for my family and friends to keep tabs on me.  Since then, my readership has grown and I have really enjoyed becoming a part of a wider blogging community.  I love to engage with my readers and hope that maybe one day my writing is able to inspire you on your own adventures.


Thanks heaps for reading and following along with my travels and blogging adventures.  If you’d like to stay in touch and read about my future endeavors, I encourage you to follow my blog by signing up via the sidebar.  You can also connect with me on Facebook and Twitter, or email me at stacey @ beentherebloggedthat.com

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