A Lesson In Disconnecting

So I haven’t really been posting much recently on this blog and a few of my close friends have asked me why. Unfortunately life has been very busy lately and working long hours has taken a toll on both my motivation and inspiration to write.

Fortunately I will be taking a break soon! In 12 days I will be leaving my job as a veterinary technician in Canada and traveling to Europe for almost 3 months before returning home to New Zealand. I am super excited! I will be going to Germany to visit a friend, walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and then traveling to Greece to attend a travel blogging conference. This will surely provide many interesting stories, photos, and great memories…

However, I am sad to announce that I will most likely not be posting any thing more on this blog until the end of the year after I get back from my trip. This is due to several reasons – the main one is that I’m only taking one backpack, which I will have to carry on my back every day for over a month while I walk the Camino, and I want to cut down on pack weight so I will not be taking my laptop.  The second reason is that the Camino de Santiago for many people is both a physical journey as well as a spiritual one. I acknowledge that like most of my generation, I am probably on Facebook way too much and I think that disconnecting for a while and focusing on the moment will be beneficial to my health and spiritual happiness.

I’m excited to get back to the good old fashion way of recording memories via a good old-fashioned paper journal. For me, the Camino will be a lesson in disconnecting and living in the moment.


6 Comments on A Lesson In Disconnecting

  1. I’m sure that your long walk will be a wonderful experience and that you won’t miss the technology that much. Be sure and tell us all about it when you get back.

    • Thank you! I’ll still have access to wifi and will facebook here and there, but mostly just to let people know that I’m still alive :)

  2. Buen Camino. I think being disconnected from technology (or being minimalistic) will be very refreshing :)

  3. Good for you, I know I dread the thought of being of line but once you’re on the trail it gives you an extra dimension of “freedom” :) Of course that feeling soon goes away when you sit Down to catch up on a months worth of emails ;)
    Boun Camino

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