I’m Going To TBEX 2014

It’s official!  Yesterday I purchased my tickets to Europe!  I will be leaving Calgary on the 23rd of August and flying into Frankfurt, Germany.  I will be spending two and a half months in Europe during which I will be walking the Camino de Santiago across Spain, and now I have registered for TBEX 2014 in Athens, Greece!

What is TBEX 2014?

TBEX is short for Travel Blog Exchange and is a conference targeted at travel bloggers and new media content creators.  It is “a multi-day event that combines workshops, inspirational keynotes, and educational breakout sessions, with business networking opportunities.”

Why am I going?

I first heard of TBEX from reviews by bloggers who I follow that attended TBEX 2013 in Dublin and the North American TBEX in Toronto.  Immediately, I thought it sounded like a great place to meet like-minded travel fans and learn more about the industry.  Outside of the conference, travelers also get to explore the host city together through special tours and activities.

The timing of TBEX 2014 in Athens, Greece is perfect for me.  This year, it is held between the 23rd – 25th of October.  I will be starting my Camino on the 1st of September and should be finished just in time.  I’ve also never been to Greece before, so that is another adventure.

What the heck am I thinking?

Honestly, I have no clue.  Yes I have a blog, but I really don’t feel like I’m even close to the level of a ‘professional’ travel blogger.  Words like ‘SEO’ and ‘media kit’ fly straight through me.  It would appear that I like to throw myself in the deep end (apparently it’s recommended that I bring business cards!?) – we shall soon find out whether I sink or swim!

If anything, I’m eager to learn about the industry and I’m bound to learn something new.  Hopefully I can find another newbie like me to team up with who will be my friend.  In the meantime, I get to put this neat Attendee Badge on my blog, so that’s something…


7 Comments on I’m Going To TBEX 2014

  1. good luck with the camino, are you walking the Camino Francis? we travelled that one the fall of 2012, and the fall is a great time to go.

  2. Good luck! It seems like a really great opportunity :)

  3. Hey I’m going to this too, so there will be someone there even more clueless than you :)

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