What’s It Like Blogging With The WordPress App?

This is somewhat of a test post, in fact my very first post from an iPhone. I do prefer my laptop, but I’m trying to figure out if I can effectively continue blogging while I walk the Camino de Santiago without having to cart it with me. Here I am experimenting with blogging via the WordPress app!

My first observation with this is that I am somewhat of a perfectionist, so the first thing I usually do when I’m blogging is make sure my posts are justified to both margins. Con: Typing on this iPhone right now, I can’t see a way to do that, and it is slightly bothering me. (Yes, slightly OCD…) Hopefully I can figure justifiable margins out.

Pro: It is relatively comfortable typing on this screen, it isn’t as slow as I thought it would be compared with typing on a keyboard, and there is autocorrect. The iPhone also makes it easy to scroll and jump back to a sentence anywhere so I can quickly edit it. I can also exit this application and do something else like check Facebook or emails without having to save, and I don’t need to worry about losing my work. Just tried that out – thank goodness it worked!

Another thing I would like to be able to do while I’m on the Camino is share photos here, so in an attempt to discover how to add photos on this, enjoy a photo of my roommates Bearded Dragon: [10 minutes later, I figured it out…]


Well there you have it! My very first post via the WordPress app on the iPhone. I still have four months to decide whether I want to carry a little extra weight and take my laptop or just stick it through with this. Now, does anyone know how to make these margins justified?


8 Comments on What’s It Like Blogging With The WordPress App?

  1. I blogged with my iPhone through the wordpress app last year while on the Camino. A little hard to get used to but it is better than bringing a laptop or iPad etc. I plan on doing the same when I return in a month.

  2. I’d just take the phone. And an external battery/solar charger combo.

  3. We are totally in the same shoes with the weight and the Camino!! We haven’t quite convinced ourselves that a laptop is not necessary. Just the ease with photo adding and typing. Let us know how you go, curious to see what you decide :-)

  4. The WordPress app is a little slow and freezes sometimes, but I’m glad that I have it when I can’t lug my laptop around. :)

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