Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

Hello friends!

I have had a whole lot of fun writing about my life and travels in this blog as well as interacting with the blogging community. I would like to thank everyone for sticking around because the most encouraging thing for me is the people who enjoy my writing. You inspire me to write more.

Today, I have a quick post to announce that I will be giving this blog a bit (perhaps a bit is an understatement) of a makeover in the next little while.

As you may or may not know, I will be leaving Lethbridge in the next few months and embarking on the next chapter of my journey – the Camino de Santiago – followed by a visit back home to New Zealand.

What this means is that while ‘Destination Lethbridge’ has served me well in the past two years, it will no longer be an appropriate title. Renaming the blog will be change numero uno.

Secondly, I will be giving the whole appearance an update, so please bear with me while I experiment if you suddenly notice different fonts, pictures, layouts, etc.

I’m hoping to have all these exciting new changes in place within the next few weeks to a month max.

Once again, thanks readers! Each one of you is awesome at keeping me motivated to write and I hope that you will continue on this magical journey with me.




2 Comments on Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

  1. Really like the new title and look!! I’m contemplating an overhaul as well but haven’t settled on anything yet.

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