Spring Cleaning And Giving Back

Part of being on the move is downsizing material possessions because you only have one backpack and it doesn’t magically have infinite space. Part of spending an extended time in one place is the accumulation of things because you do not constantly have to pack and unpack everything into that very one backpack.

Part of a working visa is that it has an expiration date. Part of that expiration date is that you must once again pack everything you own (which has since grown exponentially) back into the bag that you first started with.

For the most part I have accumulated small things such as clothes and makeup, then there is also a bed and a futon. With a little over 4 months to go, I have started thinking about what I’m going to do with it all. Things such as clothes can go to the thrift store, I have a stack of books that will be donated to the local library, and then I had an idea…

I know exactly who would have some appreciation for a few certain books and a certain DVD that needs a new home – likeminded people with a passion for the adventure that is travel. Where do these likeminded people exist? The answer: Right in this blogging community! These like minded people are made up of the bloggers who’s adventures I constantly follow, as well as the wonderful people who are interested in reading about mine – aka YOU!

So what’s up for grabs?

This week it will be a DVD of the backpacking documentary ‘A Map For Saturday’. Here is the trailer:

To be in the draw simply comment down below with an answer to this question –

What in your opinion is the scariest aspect of traveling solo?

I will then randomly select a winner next Monday the 14th of April 2014, get in touch, and send the DVD out to the them ASAP. They will hopefully enjoy this film as much as I did. (Disclaimer to my friends and family members: In order to make this fair you guys are not eligible to enter – but you can certainly sit back and enjoy reading the answers.)

Ready, Set, Comment!


3 Comments on Spring Cleaning And Giving Back

  1. Before leaving Lethbridge, check out these places, especially the first, one of my favourite coffee places in North America: http://marathonmouth.wordpress.com/2013/08/06/lovely-lethbridge-alberta-and-its-surprising-food-scene/

  2. Hmmm no one followed instructions and answered my question for the giveaway. Perhaps I will have to advertise it a bit more clearly next time… Am learning about this blogging thing everyday, keep a look out folks! ;)

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